How To Have A Green Christmas

After sharing few ideas on How to Have a Green Christmas, We are back again with some more ideas which you can apply on this Christmas to make it more memorable.

Below you will find some ideas to celebrate Christmas in more enjoyable ways.

Green Christmas Gifts

Christmas is the season for gift giving and this is generally a social norm. People who don’t give gifts, for whatever the reason, can appear Scrooge-like so you have a number of potential options to avoid this potential pitfall.

Firstly you can have a conversation with your family and friends, asking if they would be willing to forego most or all of their presents from you, in exchange for you giving some money on their behalf to an environmental charity.
For those who turn their nose up at that idea, you could instead consider either making gifts or buying second-hand items as presents. While the idea of second-hand items from Ebay, junk shops and so on may seem stingy there are ways to avoid these feelings.

As an example, I discovered an out-of-print book which my father had been searching for for quite some months without success. Thanks to the power of the internet I managed to track down a copy and bought it for him. Not only was he over the moon that someone had managed to find it for him but of course in addition nothing new was created to fulfill this wish.

Lastly, if and when you receive Merry Christmas gifts that you don’t like or want, rather than throwing them away, why not consider selling them on Ebay or giving them away to a local charity which can probably benefit from them?

Christmas Dinner

Apparently we consume more calories at Christmas than at any other time of year; indeed we consume too many calories which is not only wasteful but also means thousands of people set out with a New Years resolution to go on a diet and try to lose all that excess weight again!

So one element of creating a green Christmas dinner is really to not go over the top with the food. By all means cook a delicious meal – Christmas wouldn’t be the same without it – but try to be more reasonable with your portion sizes.
A second element to having a green Christmas is to think organic and local when it comes to your Christmas food. Invest that bit extra in an organically reared, free-range turkey. Buy organic vegetables grown closeby and bought from a farm shop or farmers market.

Energy Use

Unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere, Christmas is typically cold. That means lots of power used on artificial lighting and heating of our homes.
Add to that the extra power used to watch plenty of TV, on Christmas lights and so on and it’s clear that we use a lot of (non-reneweable) energy over Christmas.
Possible ideas to minimize your effects include swapping to a provider of green, renewable energy so that your energy consumption has less of an effect on the planet.

Try to find low-energy Christmas tree lights such as those run on LEDs rather than old-fashioned bulbs and only turn the lights on when you are around to enjoy them rather than leaving them going 24 hours a day.

Fitting energy-efficient bulbs in the home will also cut down on your energy use and by getting together large groups of people to enjoy themselves, eat communally and to play games the heat generated naturally can enable you to turn your heating right down without anyone feeling uncomfortable.


Recycling is of course a key concept when it comes to how to have a green Christmas. Not only should you try to recycle as much as possible of your junk produced during the Christmas season but you should actively look for recycled and recyclable products.

For example can you find Christmas cards and wrapping paper made from recycled paper? Much Christmas wrap actually isn’t recyclable itself thanks to dyes, glitter and so on so also consider searching out wrapping paper which *is* recyclable so you can further limit your impact on the planet.


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